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Terms and conditions


This Customer Terms sets out the terms and conditions on which the Products are sold to the Customers through the Marketplace that is owned and/or operated by Forus or any of Forus’s companies. This Customer Terms, together with the Site Terms of Use, the Privacy Notice and the Cookie Notice, and any additional terms as decided by Forus, as updated or amended by Forus from time to time, form the Agreement of sale to the Customer.

Capitalized terms used in the Agreement have the meanings given to them in the Definition Section of this Customer Terms. If there is any conflict between the documents forming the Agreement, the prevalence shall be for this Customer Terms, the Site Terms of Use, the Privacy Notice and then the Cookie Policy.


1.1By submitting an Order through the Marketplace, the Customer agrees to be bound by the Agreement. It is strongly advisable, and it is the Customer’s sole responsibility, to read the Agreement before submitting any Order on the Marketplace. In addition, Forus reserves the right to change the terms of the Agreement at any time. Any such changes will be deemed to have taken effect when posted on the Marketplace.

1.2To submit an Order, the Customer can create an Account on the Marketplace or can check out as a guest. For more information on the Account creation, the Customer must refer to the Site Terms of Use. Forus reserves the right to cancel any Order and close an Account, in case the Customer breaches the Account creation terms as set out in the Site Terms of Use.

1.3The Products made available through the Marketplace are either sold by Forus or by other Sellers through Forus.


2.1 The Customer agrees to pay the full amount for the Product as indicated in the Product Description at the time of the Order receipt on the Marketplace, in addition to any service charges and shipping charges or other charges that may be applicable to the Order. While Forus aim for that all prices of the Products to be accurate at all times, it is possible that errors may occur. If an error in the price of Products was discovered, Forus will at its sole discretion either (1) inform the Customer as soon as possible and give the Customer the option of reconfirming its Order at the correct price or canceling such Order or (2) cancel the Order and process the refund in case the payment was already made by the Customer. The Customer acknowledges that this is the sole recourse that the Customer is entitled to in case of a pricing error.

2.2 All prices are shown in Kuwaiti Dinar and excludes taxes (if applicable), shipping and installation charges, unless expressly stated otherwise in the Agreement.

2.3 Once the Order is successfully submitted and accepted on the Marketplace, the Customer will receive an Order confirmation via Email or SMS WhatsApp with the Order details. The Customer acknowledges that Forus may not retain all Order details, therefore, it is advisable for the Customer to retain the Order details and the Email or SMS or WhatsApp confirmation for its record.

2.4 The risk of loss and damage of the Products shall pass to the Customer upon the first attempt of delivery of the Products to the Customer’s address as specified in the Order. The title of the Products shall remain with Forus or the Seller (as the case may be) until the payment of the Product is made and received in full. Forus reserves the right to cancel any Order at any time before dispatching the Order.


3.1 The Marketplace offers several types of payment, such as via KNET, VISA, Mastercard, Apple Pay or Cash, which may vary as per Forus’s sole discretion. The applicable type of payment for an Order will appear at the last stage before submitting the Order.

3.2 In case of payment via card, whether at the time of Ordering or delivery, by placing an Order, the Customer authorizes Forus or its third-payment payment processer to process and validate the card details for the amount of the Order. To ensure that the card is not being used without the Customer consent and to validate the card and the Customer’s details, the Marketplace will direct the Customer to the payment gateway page that will ask the Customer to enter its card details as required by the payment gateway operator. Furthermore, the payment gateway operator may validate the card details along with other information provided by the Customer against the payment gateway operator databases.

3.3 Responsibility to validate the Customer and its card information, and to rightfully authorize the transaction deducting payments from the card lies with the respective payment gateway operator and /or the issuer bank of the card and as per their terms and conditions. Forus is not liable for any losses or damages occurring out of fraudulent transactions happening due to attacks or breaches on any payment gateway operator, attacks or breaches on issuer banks, or due to Customer’s card details, PIN verification details, password verification details or any other details authorizing purchase on the payment gateway being acquired by persons of malicious intent or persons who may not be the rightful owners of the card.


4.1 For the Products sold by Forus, Forus may, at its sole discretion, prior to the launch of a new Product, allow the pre-Ordering by the Accounts’ owners for such new Product in advance. Payment for the pre-Ordered Product must be made in full while pre-Ordering.

4.2 In addition to this Customer Terms, the pre-Order may be subject to additional terms, and in case of any inconsistency between this Customer Terms and the additional terms, the latter shall prevail unless decided otherwise by Forus.

4.3 The official launch date for the pre-Ordered Product will appear on the Product Description and may be also published on the Marketplace. Standard delivery timelines will commence as soon as the pre-Ordered Product is available.

4.4 Active online discount promotions running during a period that is prior to the release date of the pre-Order are inapplicable on the pre-Ordered Product. Online discount promotions will not be applied on pre-Orders of which the release date of the pre-Order does not coincide with the promotion.

4.5 Forus reserves the right to change the release date as it deems fit without any liability toward the Customers. Furthermore, Forus reserves the right to cancel all pre-Orders without any liability to the Customers except for the refund of their payment as per Forus’s refund terms.


5.1 For the Products sold by Forus, Forus may through one of installment’s companies, at its sole discretion, offer the Easy Credit option. The Customer acknowledges and agrees that the Easy Credit prices appearing on the Products Description are approximate and subject to change due to several factors, such as the Customer’s credit status and history and the Ci-Net regulations.

5.2 Furthermore, the Customer acknowledges and agrees that the provision of the Easy Credit, its prices and installments and the Customer’s eligibility are subject to additional terms and conditions that will be provided to the Customers to conclude the Easy Credit sale; and in case of any inconsistency between this Customer Terms and the additional terms, the latter shall prevail unless decided otherwise by Forus.


6.1 For the Products sold by Forus, Forus may at its sole discretion, offer the Trade-in option. The Customer acknowledges and agrees that the Trade-in calculation appearing on the Marketplace are approximate and subject to change due to several factors, such as the actual status of the used product.

6.2 Furthermore, the Customer acknowledges and agrees that the provision of the Trade-in, its calculation and the Customer’s eligibility are subject to additional terms and conditions that will be provided to the Customers to conclude the Trade-in transaction; and in case of any inconsistency between this Customer Terms and the additional terms, the latter shall prevail unless decided otherwise by Forus.


7.1 from time to time and as part of Forus promotional activities, Forus may, at its sole discretion, issue online discount coupons to Customers that hold Accounts on the Marketplace, which can be redeemed solely by the Account owner, or apply discount or promotional sales for certain or all Products sold by Forus on the Marketplace. The online discount coupons and the discount or promotional sales may have additional terms to be applicable aside from the one stated in this Customer Terms; and in case of any inconsistency between this Customer Terms and the additional terms, the latter shall prevail unless decided otherwise by Forus.

7.2 Online discount coupons are exclusively redeemable for products listed by Forus on the Marketplace, irrespective of whether Forus itself owns those products or they are sold by other sellers. Furthermore, the discount coupons are valid during the promotional periods for which they are issued as indicated in their terms.

7.3 Discount coupons cannot be partially used, used twice or exchanged for shopping credit.

7.4 Forus reserves the right to suspend, stop or exclude without any advance notice, the use of one or all discount coupons on special promotions that it offers on the Marketplace from time to time.


8.1 All used electronic devices sold through Forus will be covered under 30 days manufacturing warranty. the Customer acknowledges and agrees that Forus’s liability under this warranty is strictly limited to the repair or replacement of the Product, at Forus’s sole discretion, as deemed appropriate. The below terms apply to the warranties of all Products sold by Forus:

  • A) No warranty covers the repairs caused by negligence, abuse, misuse, improper installation, breakage, and spillage of liquids, and other repairs arranged outside the authorized service center of the Products’ brand (If the original warranty for the device is still valid).
  • B) No warranty includes service calls to repair or replace, filters (all types), remote controls, disposable dust-bags, batteries, hoses (all types), heads accessories (all types), shelves, handles, drawers, cleaning products, plastic parts, antennas, wheels, bottom switches, broken parts, handles, burned lamps, carrying cases, adapter.
  • C) No warranty covers the content, game software, ink and toys.
  • D) No warranty covers loss of any personal data saved on the Product, whether during any check-up or repair or otherwise.

8.2 In addition, for the Products sold by Forus, Forus may provide the Costumers with the option of purchasing an extended warranty program that it is subject to a separate set of terms. The additional warranty does not cover the labor charges, transportation, consumable materials, which should be paid by the Customer.

8.3 The Customer acknowledges and agrees that any repair of Products done after the lapse of the warranty period will be charged. In addition, any provided repair service out of warranty will be covered in other warranty for a period of one month after it has been returned to the Customer (or the first attempt to return it to the Customer), in relation to the same failure the Product was repaired.

8.4 The below events or items are excluded from warranty coverage for LCD, Plasma TVs, DLP Projectors and LDP TVS:

  • A) The mechanical failure resulting from the improper installation, tampering with components or software/firmware update by an unauthorized repair center.
  • B) Physical damage to any part of the TV for any reason including but not limited to water or moisture damage, improper usage of the Product, dropped Product, collision with another object, transportation damage, damage to the outside casing, abuse, misuse, neglect, vandalism, accidents, collapse, spillage of any kind, fire, flood, corrosion, rust, sand, dirt, lightning, freezes, storms, theft, intentional or accidental damage.
  • C) Mechanical failure of any part of the TV resulting from physical damage to the TV, abuse, neglect or spillage, battery leakage, intentional or accidental damage, electrical service, environmental conditions.
  • D) The lifetime of lamps & CRTs; dimming lamps; exploding lamps, weak CRTs, in addition to the incorrect installation of an incorrect lamp in a DLP, LCD rear projection TV, or LCD projector.
  • E) Televisions with removed or altered serial/model numbers.
  • F) Plasma & CRT burn-in (sticky) images caused by prolonged display of one or more signals or video games, or other abuse
  • G) All Products that are used in commercial operations or purposes or provided for public use or rental. Televisions with removed or altered serial/model numbers.
  • H) Burnt pixels; black dots or bright points that may appear constantly on a screen of an LCD or plasma TV (LCD & Plasma TVs have up to 2 million colored pixels display; within common industry standards between 1 and 7 burnt pixels will not be considered as a manufacturing defect).
  • I) Spoiled, deformed, or scratched screens and/or reflective coatings on screens and lenses due to misuse or being rubbed by any chemicals or substances.
  • J) Televisions that are installed in an outdoor open area, or either by a swimming pool or in a coffee shop due to harsh environmental effects like high temperature, dust, humidity, or smoke exposure.

8.5 All Products for which Forus is the distributor or the agent of and that are sold by Forus, can be replaced with new Products, if during the manufacturing warranty period the Forus service center is not able to repair. Such inability should be stated in the Forus technical report. And in case the same model is not available, the Customer may select another model as provided by Forus and paying the difference in prices if any.


9.1 This Article 9 applies only for Products sold by Forus or sold by Sellers, but the delivery is fulfilled by Forus, Forus will procure reasonable efforts to contact the Customer prior to the delivery to schedule it. The payment and receipt of the Order should be done by the Customer that holds the Account, the Customer shall present a proof of identity as and when requested by Forus’s appointed delivery partner.

9.2 In the event where the Customer is not at the delivery address as specified in the Order, the Order will be returned to Forus’s warehouse, and the Customer must contact the Forus customer care to schedule another delivery. In case the Customer does not contact the customer care within a reasonable time to be decided by Forus to reschedule the delivery, the Order will be deemed cancelled.

9.3 The Customer acknowledges and agrees that exact delivery time depends on the accuracy of the delivery address details that the Customer provides. Forus will deliver the purchased Products as soon as possible from the time of order confirmation.

9.4 The Customer will have the opportunity to review, change, update or add delivery address details every time it places an order.

9.5 While Forus will procure reasonable effort to deliver the Orders within the estimated delivery time and preferred time; however, Forus shall be under no liability for any delay or failure to deliver the Orders within the estimated delivery time or the preferred time.

9.6 Timeline to deliver the Orders and its charges may vary per delivery area, the season, the Products and the delivery option, which will be determined at the time of the sale. The below terms are provided for indication only:

  • A) Large Home Appliances, Televisions and items requiring installation can be delivered only during the day shift which is up to 4PM.
  • B) 4-Hour Express Delivery:

A 1.000 KD delivery charge applies which is non-refundable in the event of wrong delivery details or the Customer being unreachable via the provided contact number.

Delivery performed under 4-Hours Express Delivery cannot be rescheduled. If a reschedule is required, please contact Forus call center on 41033600 / 55003321 and the Order will be deferred to the regular delivery schedule.

The 4-Hour Express Delivery is not available for the following areas:

- Al Wafrah                            - Sabah Al Ahmad                                - Nuwaiseeb

- Khiran                                   - Port of Shuaiba                                  - Mina al zour

- Bnaider                                 - Mina Abdullah Refine                       - Dubaeya

- Al-Julaia'a                             - Ali Sabah Al Salem                           - Shuaiba

- Mina Abdullah                      - Umm Al Hayman                              - Om Al Naqui

  - Umm al Aish                       - Al Khiran Pearl City                        - Shumaymah

- Sebya                                     - West Industr Shuaiba                     - Al Maghasil

 - Kabed                                   - Shalayhat Al Dubaiya                    - Residential Khairan

- Al Matla`                               - Ali Al Salem Airbase                    - Abdali         - Salmy

9.7 Order can be delivered only in Kuwait and must be signed upon delivery by the Account owner or its representative who must be an adult aged 21 years or over. The Customer must ensure to give the correct delivery address that will enable prompt and timely delivery to the Customer which should at least include the governorate, block number, street number building number, the contact person and the contact person number.

9.8 If there is a change in the delivery address or schedule after the Order confirmation, the Customer must contact the Forus customer service center .

9.9 The Customer will be informed of the status and time of its delivery. Forus will try to contact the Customer before scheduling delivery to provide information on delivery timings. Forus will use its reasonable efforts to accommodate the Customer’s preferred delivery timings and date. However, the Customer acknowledges and agrees such timings and dates are for indicative purposes. The actual time of delivery may vary due to various uncontrollable delays that may occur.

9.10 In case of absence of the Customer, delivery is considered complete, if any family member or home house-maid/driver domiciling at the same address of the Customer signs the invoice/delivery note. Products are considered as delivered in a good condition upon the acceptance of the delivery note by the Customer or its representative.

9.11 Purchased Products but not requested to be delivered or failed to be delivered due to the absence of the Customer will be sold after the lapse of one (1) month as of the purchase date and in this case, Forus will refund to the Customer the invoice value after deducting 10% of it.


10.1 For the Products sold by Forus, Forus is committed to provide its Customers with good quality Products. Nonetheless, there may be occasions when the Customer needs to exchange or return the Products, such return or exchange will only be acceptable if it is done as follows:

A) Forus offers the convenience of using and trying used electronic devices after purchase for 24 hours. If the device does not match the specifications mentioned on Forus’ electronic platforms or if any defects are found, customers can easily return the device, and Forus will fully refund the purchase amount. Provided that the device is in the same original condition as at the time of purchase.

B) With regard to new products, they are subject to the exchange and return policy of the executive regulation of Law No. 2014/39 on Consumer Protection:

  • The product can be exchanged, returned, or used to benefit from warranty services provided that the original invoice is available.
  • The customer has the right to exchange, return, or refund the product within 14 days of purchase.
  • The goods must be in the same condition they were in when purchased, suitable for resale, and placed in their original packaging with all accessories.
  • The customer must acknowledge that they have not used the product in any way.
  • The nature of the product must be included under the products that can be returned or refunded.
  • Gifts that were given to the customer when purchasing the product to be returned must be returned in a sealed package with complete accessories.
  • Products are returned in the event of a defect or malfunction, or if they do not meet the approved specifications in the State of Kuwait.
  • In the event that replacement is not possible, the product is returned, and the seller is obligated to refund its price according to the value stated in the sales invoice, and in the same manner used in its purchase.
  • The customer has the right to exchange or return upon meeting the conditions stipulated in this law, even if the goods were purchased during the discounts (discounts) authorized by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, in which case the value of the product stated in the purchase invoice is considered and its price is returned in the same manner used at the time of purchase.

  • The consumer cannot return or exchange goods in the following cases:

  • If the consumer was aware of a defect or defect already present in the product at the time of purchase and before it as it is, or was the last piece displayed in the store and this is mentioned in the invoice.
  • If the specifications or packaging of the goods prevent them from being exchanged or returned because this would damage them or make it impossible to return them to their original purchase condition, and therefore it is impossible to resell them.
  • In the event that the customer misuses the goods, damages them, or assembles them incorrectly.
  • If it is impossible to reassemble the product, or if there are missing accessories or components with or without cardboard, or with a torn packaging, which must be in the same condition that the customer purchased them.
  • If the item to be returned is a valuable item such as jewelry, watches, evening wear, glasses, wedding dresses, skin-contacting items, and perfumes, the consumer is not allowed to exercise the option of return and refund unless within a period not exceeding 24 hours and provided that the option of return is proven by the purchase invoice. If it is found that the item or goods are contrary to what was agreed upon, the consumer has the right to return them and refund their value.

C) The Products to be returned or exchanged must be in their original condition at the delivery time, saleable and merchantable. Therefore, it is the Customer’s sole responsibility to check the Products carefully at the time of delivery before they are unpacked, used or installed. Unless for a manufacturing defect or non-compliance with the specifications under the Applicable Laws, that was not apparent to the Customer upon delivery, as decided by Forus at its sole discretion and except if the Customer had been informed of and accepted such defect, Forus may reject the return or exchange of the Products that are not in their original condition at the delivery time, saleable and merchantable whether due to the Products’ nature or the way they are packaged or wrapped or otherwise.

10.2 All sizes and measurements of the Products are approximate, it may be occasionally possible that the Product specification from the manufacturer may change, or we may have trouble with the supply of certain Products and may therefore supply a substitute of the same or better quality at the same price. If the Customer is not satisfied with the replacement or substitute, it can return or exchange such Products in accordance with the conditions of this Customer Terms.

10.3 Forus may reject the return or exchange of any Products sold under discount or promotional sales. Forus reserves the right of not accepting the return or exchange of certain Products, even if they comply with the above rules, that come in contact with the skin or it is considered sensitive such as such as digital cards, games, software, CDs, inks, toys, personal care products, watches, food items, beauty products, undergarments or as per the applicable laws. Notwithstanding the aforementioned, Forus may accept to replace such Products in case of manufacturing defects or non-compliance with the specifications under the applicable laws.

10.4 The Customer acknowledges and agrees that the refund will be made through the same method of payment of Order, otherwise, the Customer may be offered the option to receive gift coupons. For card refund, the refund may take up to 5 working days and subject to the payment gateway operator’s policy.


11.1 The Customer may cancel a Seller Order from the Customer Account prior to the Order being shipped from its warehouse/ storage location. To request a cancellation, select the Order from Your Orders and select Cancel Items. Once the Order ships, no cancelation will be accepted.

11.5 Forus will try to ensure that stock is available for delivery. However, sometimes, a listed item is no longer available by the time the Order is placed. If Forus can't deliver the Order, Forus will refund the Customer so that the Customer can place a new Order.

11.6 Sellers set their own prices for the Products that they sell on the Marketplace. Prices for similar or identical Products can vary from a Seller to another.



12.2 The Customer shall defend, indemnify and hold harmless Forus, its service providers and the Sellers and their officers, employees and agents from and against any and all liabilities, costs, damages, injuries, claims, suits, judgments, causes of action and expenses (including without limitation attorneys’ fees, court costs and out-of-pocket expenses) suffered or incurred by any of them, including without limitation third parties’ claims, as a result of any harm or damage caused or result from the Customer’s misuse of the Marketplace or the Account.

12.3 In no event Forus shall be liable to the Customer for any incidental, indirect, consequential, punitive or special damages or loss of revenue or profits or any other claim (whether caused by negligence of service, its agents or authorized dealers or otherwise) or any contingent or resulting liability including such arising out of or in connection with any failed or defective parts. Forus’s aggregate liability arising from or in connection with all claims under the Agreement shall not exceed, at any point of time, the Product value giving rise to the claim.


13.1 The Customer acknowledges and agrees not to resell or export any purchased Products to any embargoed country or person pursuant to the US, European Union or UK export control laws and regulations. The Customer acknowledges and agrees that Products purchased from the Marketplace shall not be used for activities related to designing, developing, producing or usage of nuclear weapons or weapons of mass destruction. The Customer agrees not to sell, lease, or otherwise transfer Product(s) to end-users engaged in these activities and shall be liable for any such activity. Forus assume no liability whatsoever nor provide any warranty support or service in respect of a Product which has been exported/ used in violation of this provision.

13.2 Forus may change, at its sole discretion, at any point of time the terms of the Agreement. No Waiver of any term or condition or of any breach of the Agreement shall be deemed a continuing waiver or a waiver of any other term or condition or of any later breach of the Agreement. All rights and remedies, whether conferred by the Agreement, by any other instrument or by law, shall be cumulative, and may be exercised singularly or concurrently.

13.3 The Customer may not assign the Agreement or any of its rights or obligations without the prior written consent of Forus. Forus may assign or delegate any third party as it deems fit. Furthermore, Forus may assign the Agreement, partially or entirely, to any third party.

13.4 The Agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the State of Kuwait as long as it does not contradict with Islamic Sharia` principles. All disputes arising hereunder or in connection herewith shall be resolved amicably by discussion between the Parties, failing which the Parties shall submit the matter in dispute to be finally and exclusively settled by the competent courts of the State of Kuwait.

13.5 The defined terms used in the Agreement shall have the meaning set forth in this Section:

  • A) “Account” means the Customer account on the Marketplace;
  • B) “Affiliate” means, with respect to any person or entity, any other person or entity who, directly or indirectly, through one or more intermediaries, Controls, is Controlled by or is under common Control with such person or entity;
  • C) “Agreement” means this Customer Terms, the Site Terms of Use, the Privacy Notice and the Cookie Policy and any terms and policies incorporated by reference or otherwise thereunder.
  • D) “Forus” means Forus Electronics for wholesale and retail trading Company and all of its Affiliates;
  • E) “Applicable Law” means, any law, statute, treaty, rule, regulation, regulatory or legislative requirement, ordinance, license, restriction, judicial or administrative order, code, common law, or other pronouncement (including the ones for personal data privacy and protection) having the effect of law of the State of Kuwait;
  • F) “Control” including the terms “controlling”, “controlled by” and “under common control with” means the possession, directly or indirectly, of more than 50% of the power to direct or cause the direction of the management and policies of a person or entity, whether through the ownership of voting securities, as trustee or executor or as general partner, by contract or otherwise, including the ownership, directly or indirectly, of securities having the power to elect a majority of the board of directors or similar body governing the affairs of such person or entity;
  • G) “Cookie Notice” means the set of terms and conditions that regulates the cookie use on the Marketplace;
  • H) “Customer” means the buyer of the Products sold on the Marketplace;
  • I) “Customer Terms” means the terms and conditions contained in this document;
  • J) “Easy Credit” means the credit installments’ option that may be provided by an installment Company assigned by Forus and subject to additional terms and conditions;
  • K) “Marketplace” means the online e-commerce platform made available by Forus on the internet, the primary home page of which is identified by the url www.foruskw.com and any mobile device application or desktop application, developed by Forus or on its behalf, and any successor or replacement of such;
  • L) “Order” means an order placed by a Customer on the Marketplace to purchase a Product;
  • M) “Privacy Notice” means the set of terms and conditions that regulates the data privacy on the Marketplace, available on https://www.foruskw.com/privacy ;
  • N) “Product” means the product displayed and sold by Forus or a Seller on the Marketplace;
  • O) “Product Description” means the information related to a Product as displayed and sold on the Marketplace;
  • P) “Seller” means seller who displays and sells its Products on the Marketplace to the Customer;
  • Q) “Site Terms of Use” means the set of terms and conditions that regulates the Site’s usage;
  • R) “Trade-in” means the trade-in option that may be provided by Forus and subject to additional terms and conditions; and
  • S) “Forus” Means Forus Electronics for wholesale and retail trading Co. (LLC)